Otaru is just 40 minutes from Sapporo. Just 25 minutes from the station by bus or sightseeing boat, you can see what Otaru Tourism has to offer at the Otaru Aquarium in Shukutsu.Up to 5,000 sea animal friends from approximately 250 species invite you. We boast remarkable shows.

Otaru Aquarium

Address:3-303 Shukutsu, Otaru City,Hokkaido
TEL +81-134-33-1400

Otaru Aquarium official site (Japanese)

●Standard Operating Hours
 9:00a.m. ~5:00p.m.(2019/3/16〜2019/10/15)
 9:00a.m. ~4:00p.m.(2019/10/16〜2019/11/24)

●Night extension  9:00a.m. ~8:00p.m.
July 13 - July 21, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday only)
July 26 - August 3, 2019 (Friday and Saturday only)
September 13 - September 22, 2019 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)

●Winter Season Operating Hours

* Closed: 2019/11/25 - 2019/12/13


The Otaru Aquarium is a large scale aquarium representative of Hokkaido with 350,000 visitors annually.
The west side of Hokkaido, about an hour by car from Sapporo, surrounded by nature facing the Sea of Japan, it's an incredible location.

Inside the large and small aquariums that number over 70, there are 5000 cold and warm water fish of 250 varieties on display.
The greatest feature of operating during the winter season may be the penguins taking a walk in the snow. There are many sights to see, including the fun dynamic dolphin show, the earless seal meal time, and the pelican walk in the building.
You have to see the internationally uncommon display of porpoises.
You may even spot a wild Steller sea lion or earless seal in the sea facing the aquarium.

Main building

Short version

Full version

2.Guide for inside the building

Inside the Otaru Aquarium ■Inside the Otaru Aquarium
Many glass tanks line the dark corridors. Be sure to see all of the rare Hokkaido aquatic life, southern fish, northern fish and a panoramic view of the sea in the wall aquariums.
Dolphin stadium ■Dolphin stadium
You can view the otaria show and dolphin show in an all‐weather indoor setting.

Gentoo Penguins ■Gentoo Penguins
The penguins stroll right in front of everybody vigorously. Going off course and turning the wrong way are daily occurrences.
(Winter Season)
Steller Sea Lions (wild) ■Steller Sea Lions (wild)
You can watch wild Steller sea lions when you look toward the sea from the aquarium if you're lucky.
(Winter Season / January - March)

Great white pelican ■Great white pelican
The winter season limited event, pelican walk in the building, has also gained high popularity.
(Winter Season)
Spotted seal ■Spotted seal
You can see spotted seals swimming lively in an outdoor pool.
(Winter Season)
Marine mammal park ■Marine mammal park
Steller sea lions and earless seals are kept in a pool taming the wild sea.
(Summer Season)
Common Seals & Harbor Seals ■Common Seals & Harbor Seals
You can feed the marine mammal park seals (fee applies).
(Summer Season)

Petting Area 'Sawatte Ezone' ■Petting Area 'Sawatte Ezone'
You can pet large octopuses, North Pacific giant octopuses, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and more creatures that live in the sea of Hokkaido.
There's also a petting area where you can touch star fish from the 3°C deep sea.
Aquarium Shop ■Aquarium Shop
'Lumpfish character Makoto-kun' and many other cute stuffed dolls are available at our shop.
Original towel handkerchiefs make great souvenirs.

Restaurant ■Restaurant
How about a Kamenotaro-kun lunch? (omelet with wieners and Hamburg style steak arranged as a turtle (Kame in Japanese))

Nursing Room ■Nursing Room
There are 2 private nursing rooms, as well as hot-water, air conditioning, a sofa and diaper changing table outside the private rooms.
We offer stroller rental free of charge.

【Otaru Aquarium Full Area Map】

There is free Wi-Fi spot.

【Guide for inside the building】

【Guide for inside the building】

3.Introducing Events

★South American sea lion and dolphin show

(Performance time: 20 minutes)
South American sea lion and dolphin show

The dolphin show full of daring and speedy jumps is unmissable.
The South American sea lion also makes an appearance before the dolphin show.

<Starting time>1)11:00a.m. 2)1:00p.m. 3)3:00p.m.

★Penguin Snow Walk

(Performance time: 10 minutes)
Penguin Snow Walk

The penguins take a lively walk on a course made from snow.

<Starting time>1)11:30a.m. 2)0:40p.m. 3)2:40p.m.

★Feeding show of seals

(Performance time: 10 minutes)
Feeding show of seals

An explanation is given about the spotted seals by the caretaker.

<Starting time>1)10:40a.m. 2)2:30p.m.

★Petting Area 'Sawatte Ezone'

(Performance time: 30 minutes)
Petting Area 'Sawatte Ezone'

You can touch aquatic animals including a giant octopus in the coldest tank in Japan.

<Starting time>1)0:10p.m. 2)2:10p.m.

★Pelican Indoor Walk

(Performance time: 10 minutes)
Pelican Indoor Walk

Pelicans known for their cute bills walk along the path in the building.

<Starting time>1)1:50p.m.

★The Penguin Hike to the Sea (Marine mammal park)

(Performance time:20minutes)
The Penguin Hike to the Sea (Marine mammal park)

The Humboldt penguins walk right past you on their hike to the sea!
They play in the pool that's only just partitioned off the natural sea and head back home.
Come and watch the penguins being lively in the Nature of Hokkaido.

<Starting time>
■3/16~4/19, 9/2~10/15
■4/20~7/18, 8/19~9/1

★South American sea lion and dolphin show (Dolphin stadium)

(Performance time:20minutes)
South American sea lion and dolphin show (Dolphin stadium)

The dolphin performs a jump out of the water touching a ball in the air. See the fantastic splash.

<Starting time>
■3/16~4/19, 9/2~10/15
 1)10:00a.m. 2) 0:10p.m. 3)2:00p.m. 4)4:00p.m.
 1)10:00a.m. 2)11:30a.m.3)1:00p.m. 4)2:30p.m. 5)4:00p.m.
 1)10:30a.m. 2) 1:00p.m. 3)3:00p.m.

★Walrus Feeding Time (Marine mammal park)

(Performance time:10minutes)
Walrus Feeding Time (Marine mammal park)

They love getting attention. The most versatile entertainers of the marine mammal park.

<Starting time>
■3/16~4/19, 9/2~10/15
 1)11:00a.m. 2)3:00p.m.
 1) 10:40a.m. 2)3:00p.m.
 1)11:20a.m. 2)1:50p.m.

★Seal Show (Marine mammal park)

(Performance time:10minutes)
Seal Show (Marine mammal park)

We introduce you to the special features of seal anatomy through the show.

<Starting time>
■3/16~4/19, 9/2~10/15
 1)11:20a.m. 2)0:50p.m. 3)3:20p.m.
 1)0:10p.m. 2)1:40p.m. 3)3:20p.m.
 1)11:40a.m. 2)2:10p.m.

★Penguin Show (Marine mammal park)

(Performance time:10minutes)
Penguin Show (Marine mammal park)

Enjoy watching the free-spirited penguins as they do whatever they please,despite it being show time.

<Starting time>
■3/16~4/19, 9/2~10/15
 1)11:30a.m. 2)3:30p.m.
 1)11:00a.m. 2)1:50p.m. 3)3:30p.m.
 1)11:50a.m. 2)2:20p.m.

★Steller Sea Lion Show (Marine mammal park)

(Performance time:10minutes)
Steller Sea Lion Show (Marine mammal park)

The dynamic northern sea lion show is on a magnificent scale the sort that you wouldn't expect to see in a Japanese aquarium!

<Starting time>
■3/16~4/19, 9/2~10/15
 1)11:40a.m. 2)1:00p.m. 3)3:40p.m.
 1)11:10a.m. 2)0:20p.m. 3)2:00p.m. 4)3:40p.m.
 1) 0:00p.m.  2)2:30p.m.

4.Information Regarding Operating Hours and Admission Fees

【Regarding Operating Hours】
 Normal Season  2019/3/16 - 2019/10/15
2019/10/16 - 209/11/24
 Night extension  July 13 - July 21, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday only)
July 26 - August 3, 2019 (Friday and Saturday only)
September 13 - September 22, 2019 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)
9:00a.m. ~8:00p.m.
 Winter Season  2019/12/14 - 2020/2/24 10:00a.m.〜4:00p.m.

【Admission Fees】
 Normal Season  2019/3/16 - 2019/11/24 Adults: 1400 yen, Elementary and Middle School Students: 530 yen,
Aged Over 3: 210 yen
 Winter Season  2019/12/14 - 2020/2/24 Adults: 1000 yen, Elementary and Middle School Students: 400 yen,
Aged Over 3: 200 yen

★Amusement park (Shukutsu Marine Land)

【Season of Operation】2019/4/20~2019/10/14

Free entry, tickets required for access to rides.
Ticket prices vary depending on ride, 100 yen to 300 yen (per person)

■Neighborhood Information

★Herring Fishery Lodge (Otaru-shi Nishin Goten)

The Herring Fishery Lodge is a Herring lodging house on Takashima Cape 5 minutes walk from Otaru Aquarium.

【Season of Operation】2019/4/6~2019/11/24
【Admission Fee】
・aged 19 and over 300yen
・aged between 16 and 18 150yen
・aged 15 and under Free

5.Friend of Otaru Aquarium

Allow us to introduce a friend of Otaru Aquarium.
There are many more for you to meet, so please come and say hello!

Porpoise Porpoise
Bottlenose dolphin Bottlenose dolphin
Gentoo Penguins Gentoo Penguins
Harbor Seals Harbor Seals
Bering wolffish Bering wolffish
Dolly Varden Dolly Varden
Sturgeon Sturgeon
Siberian salamander Siberian salamander
Okhotsk atka mackerel Okhotsk atka mackerel
Pacific herring Pacific herring
Lumpfish Lumpfish
Sakhalin taimen and wakasagi Sakhalin taimen and wakasagi
Red king crab Red king crab
Fringed blenny Fringed blenny
Pacific giant octopus Pacific giant octopus
Halibut Halibut

6.Otaru Aquarium Access

From JR Shin Chitose Airport Station Approximately 72 minutes (Express)
From JR Sapporo Station Approximately 32 minutes (Express)
■By Bus
 Get of the train at JR Otaru Station → Take the chuo bus for 25 minutes
 from the 3rd bus stop at Chuo Bus Terminal in front of Otaru Station.
■By Sightseeing Ship(Operation Period:2019/4/19 - 10/14)
 Get of the train at JR Otaru Station → 10 minutes on foot → wharf No.3
 → 20 minutes by maritime sightseeing ship → Shukutsu Port
 → 10 minutes on foot

Bus Timetable (a selection)

 ■from Otaru Station to the Aquarium (Week days)  ■from the Aquarium to Otaru Station (Week days)
  (11)Shukutsu line around the mountain (10)Otaru Aquarium line   (11)Shukutsu line around the mountain (10)Otaru Aquarium line
08:00a.m. 10 40 10:00a.m. 10 40 20
09:00a.m. 10 40 50 11:00a.m. 10 50 20
10:00a.m. 10 40 50 00:00p.m. 40 20
11:00a.m. 10 40 50 01:00p.m. 10 40 20
00:00p.m. 20 50 02:00p.m. 10 50 20
01:00p.m. 00 40 50 03:00p.m. 40 20
02:00p.m. 20 50 04:00p.m. 10 50 20
03:00p.m. 00 40 50 05:00p.m. 40 20
 ■from Otaru Station to the Aquarium (Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)  ■from the Aquarium to Otaru Station (Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)
  (11)Shukutsu line around the mountain (10)Otaru Aquarium line   (11)Shukutsu line around the mountain (10)Otaru Aquarium line
08:00a.m. 30 10:00a.m. 10 55 20
09:00a.m. 10 35 50 11:00a.m. 55 20
10:00a.m. 10 40 50 00:00p.m. 40 20
11:00a.m. 10 40 50 01:00p.m. 10 50 20
00:00p.m. 00 20 50 02:00p.m. 40 20
01:00p.m. 20 50 03:00p.m. 10 50 20
02:00p.m. 20 50 04:00p.m. 40 20
03:00p.m. 20 50 05:00p.m. 10 50 20

* The Otaru Aquarium Line arrives at and departs from Otaru Canal Terminal. This can also be used for Otaru Canal sightseeing.
* Between April 27 and May 6, between August 13 and August 15 will run on Saturday, Sunday and holiday schedule.

Broadview Map
Broadview Map
Enlarged Map
Enlarged Map